Do You Ever Wonder How Successful Professionals Can Accomplish So Much in ONE DAY?

Let's face it, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

But what we do with those 24 hours is drastically different from person to person.

For some people, it may not seem like enough time to do anything. Pointless. All hope is lost. Why should I even try?

For others, it is an opportunity.

An opportunity to accomplish their WILDEST DREAMS. An opportunity to live the life they've always wanted and to express their most creative self.

See, We're Talking Dreams Like:

  • Breaking through the glass ceiling in the office and finally getting paid your worth!! That just means you can make as much money as you want every year. $75,000? How about $100,000? Or $150,000?

  • Creating your own schedule and being your own boss! Yep - that means you can work from wherever you want in the world, whenever you want! Hello Hawaii!

  • Having NO LIMIT on how many people you can impact through your work. You can support people by using your unique skill set.!

  • Living a lifestyle that isn't dictated by your work where you can spend as much time with your friends, family, and your beloved hobbies (so start dustin' off that yoga mat!)

  • Building relationships that align with all of your personal and professional goals so you finally feel supported, mentored, and sponsored by professionals in your field.

But These Dreams Don't Just Happen Overnight.

They take consistency, hard-work, and organization to get there.

Don't worry though.

I'm not going to just leave you out in the cold.

I have something for you I think you'll really like. 

Something I KNOW you'll like...if you're ready to take action and accomplish your personal and professional goals in the next 90 days.

Are you ready? 

Check out the video below to learn more!


to help you create a 90-day action plan to achieve your personal and professional development goals!


What We Cover:

  • How to create a clear vision: You will complete an exercise to get clear on what your life would look like when you achieve your personal and professional development goals.

  • Getting Unstuck: You will evaluate what area of your life is going to be the focus for your strategic 90-day plan.

  • The Importance of Core Values: You will walk through a step-by-step process to help you get clear on what matters most so you can start living the life you want NOW.

  • The Power of Affirmations: You will develop affirmations to help you replace negative thought patterns with positive thoughts that support your goals.

  • The 90-day Action Plan: Finally, you will put everything you’ve worked on together to create a 90-day plan to execute your goals.

Event Planner

Danielle Fontus

Event Planner

"Kimberly really is a master strategist. She breaks down the daunting and overwhelming feeling of "getting my life together" into manageable and approachable pieces. The guidance she offers really helps narrow down all of my spiraling thoughts. She keeps it simple and gets right to the point. Forcing myself to focus on one things has been my challenge and was a huge breakthrough for me. Plus, she is an arsenal of tools and systems for an efficient life. Time spent with her feels very productive and so valuable."

Krystal Jackson


"Kimberly is passionate about her craft and shows a genuine interest in helping her clients attain their goals. She is accommodating and purposeful with her approach during the program time. I enjoyed how she pivoted the direction of the program outline when it was evident what I needed most was not exactly on the program outline. She is approachable and a great resource."
Higher Education Professional

Kerline St Natus

Higher Education Professional

"This experience was a great investment. At first I was apprehensive about this training, but after our initial assessment call I was sold! It is a breath of fresh air to see a sister excel and is willing to help others with no judgement! Just do your part and the rest will follow! Thank you so much for your honest advice and I look forward to working with you again!"

Course Curriculum:

The Time Is Now. Your Time Is Now.

Let’s plan to make your biggest dreams a reality.

This workshop includes video modules, live-class room footage, and a comprehensive workbook for students to follow along, take notes, and complete the necessary work to leave the workshop with a 90-day action plan to achieve their goals.


  • Kimberly B. Cummings

    Career + Leadership Expert

    Kimberly B. Cummings

    Kimberly B. Cummings is a seasoned career & leadership development expert who is passionate about helping women and people of color position themselves for success. She is the founder of Manifest Yourself LLC, a career + leadership development company, that provides provides in-person and virtual workshops, trainings, coaching, and resources to women and people of color looking to lead a dynamic career and life.


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  • The Ideal Day Exercise (Valued at $99)

    In the live NYC Workshop, we opened the evening with the “Ideal Day” exercise. If you’re unclear of what your “ideal day” would look like when you’ve accomplished all of your goals, this is a great place to start.

  • Networking Tips Video (Valued at $199)

    At the end of the live workshop we started talking more about building a network of people who can help you reach your career goals. This is the response to a participant question about “casual coffee” and networking tips.

  • Stop Dreaming & Start Planning Workshop Community

    Have questions for Kimberly B. Cummings as you build your 90-day action plan? You'll have access to a virtual community where you'll be able to ask specific questions and get feedback directly from Kimberly.

Author & Poet

Rachelle Smith

Author & Poet

"Kimberly is professional yet still personable. She was able to adapt to my style of learning and where I was as an entrepreneur. Her style is direct and non judgemental. Through Kimberly's vast knowledge of resources and work experience, I have grown in knowledge and confidence. This coaching is detailed, flexible and most of all valuable! I am overjoyed with her services and expertise. I would recommend any person in need of help building their own business to try Manifest Yourself."
Sales Manager and Entrepreneur

Missale Priest

Sales Manager and Entrepreneur

"I was struggling with how to position my new skillset and emerge back into the corporate arena... I realized that I thought I was just focused on earning an income to sustain my lifestyle however through working with Kimberly I realized that the workplace environment and my passion for the role was equally as important."


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